In previous years, finding a source for magic mushrooms in Australia used to seem like a trip in and of itself. They used to seem like some mystical substance that required extensive foraging or hitting up the weirdest dude you know to find a plug.

Sound familiar? We’re here to let you know that your life just got better because you can now order safe, high quality psilocybin mushrooms, Iboga, Marijuana and vape online. What a relief! Please note that you must be 19 to buy magic mushrooms online in Australia.

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We are proud to offer customers services that distinguish us of other online psychedelic shop in Australia

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Australian Psychedelic Store

We are an Australian based Company involved in the sale and distribution of psychedelic products like mushrooms of different varieties, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ketamine, psychedelic cactus and more.

Psychedelics are strong psychoactive substances that can alter mood and perception and affect several other cognitive processes. Their main effect is to trigger non-ordinary mental states.

What we offer

We do not just sell psychedelic drugs online but we are focus on providing superior quality of these products and we are also focus on the wellness of our users. We help people with psychological health diagnosis such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) by not only providing them with psychedelics but also telling them how they can safely use these drugs and substances to greatly improve on their conditions.

We have a team that is made up of trained and experience individuals. They are always ready to answer all your questions regarding the production of psychedelics, the sale, usage and side effects, with love and kindness.

Our delivery process is fast, safe and secure and we can get to you in less than no time, regardless or the urgency.

We have been able to deliver several psychedelic products to our users in Australia, regardless of their locations or state laws. Interestingly, we are affordable and our payment options are very convenient too.

Our Australian Psychedelic store is reliable, fast, discrete and at all times, your safety is our priority.

Top Psychedelic products at our Australian Psychedelic store

  • Lions Mane Mushroom  
  • Psychedelic Water
  • DMT Vape Pen
  • Blue Meanie
  • 5 – MEO DMT
  • Hollandia Magic Truffle
  • Cactus
  • Magic mushroom chocolate bar


Uses of Psychedelic Drugs

Stress Relieve

Psychedelics are used by many, especially in Australia to relieve boredom, worry or escape other life troubles. Most users of psychedelics may use the substance to relieve themselves from prolonged stress or get an enlightened state of mind.

Therapeutic purposes

Psychedelics may also be used by people who are experiencing emotional or mental issues, to alter their state of mind. It is believed that the drugs help in the psychotherapeutic process for some people.

For example, our shrooms chocolate and dried magic mushroom contain psilocin; an important ingredient that helps relieve and treat depression.

Artistic Use

Some people use psychedelics for artistic inspiration; particularly writers, musicians, poets and other artists who use them to find more inspiration, creatively.

Spiritual Uses

Some users believe psychedelics help them to induce a separation from reality, so they could be closer to mystical beings or to be able to see mystical visions.

Risks of Psychedelics

Some psychedelics can cause people who use them to experience trips, have extreme distortions of their perception of reality. They can make misjudgments that may affect their reality.

That is why it is open to buy psychedelics from a store that is not just interested in selling be is also available to guide on the psychedelics to use, depending on your specific condition.

And we got you covered on that. We have a team that is interested in wellbeing and will help take you through the process of understanding all you need to understand about psychedelics.

We also ensure that the psychedelics we sell are safe and won’t put our users in severe danger. We have stocked our store with selected psychedelics that do not only have a record of improving the conditions of users but have also been proven by research as fit for use.

So, order from our Australian Psychedelic store today. We are safe, our delivery is secure and our customers are our priority.